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May 31, 2021

Lisa Delcampo is a cast-member on Netflix's lighthearted competition series – The Circle! She played as Lance Bass from NSYNC! Outside of The Circle, Lisa is Lance's personal assistant and she claims to know him better than he knows himself :)

In this episode, we cover Lisa's story, how she first linked up with Lance,...

May 24, 2021

Lee Swift is a cast-member on Netflix's lighthearted competition series – The Circle! On the show, Lee played as a catfish character named River. Lee is also a well-known writer and author.

In this episode, we talk about what it takes to be a great influencer in both The Circle competition series AND "IRL" (in...

May 17, 2021

Clara Berta is a contemporary painter with a passion for creating abstract fine art that imparts a sense of serenity to promote healing and wellness for both herself and the observer, and her mission is to share her art with people who are on a journey to improve their overall wellbeing.

In this episode, we learn her...

May 10, 2021

Italina Kirknis is an online presence expert, social media manager, professional speaker, Inman News contributor, and championship tennis player! :)

In this episode, we break down the difference between a personal brand and business brand, how to succeed on social media, and Italina's amazing story of "taking the leap"...

May 3, 2021

Adam Roa is an internationally-touring spoken word artist, poet, filmmaker, motivational speaker, and musician.

His poem, "You Are Who You've Been Looking For" went massively viral – receiving well over 200 million views online.

Today, Adam shares a poem with us LIVE on the podcast, describes his creative processes,...